About Me

Hey, I am Siddharth Sharma, an undergrad majoring in Computer Science and Engineering @ IIT Guwahati.

I come from Chandigarh, a beautiful new city known for its well planned structure, environment friendly activities and beauty. I am extremely enthusiastic about web and android development, algorithmic coding and designing. I also love doing interesting new projects time and again. I love Movies and TV shows and have watched a huge number of those.

Now that you are already read so far, go ahead and see what I have been up to in college and my life!

Check out more about me on my GitHub, and my Resume

Skills and Interests

Programming Languages

Python, Java, C++, C, C


Android, Django

Scripts and Software Skills

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, PostGreSQL, Latex, Scilab, VHDL, MATLAB


Game Development, Android App Designing, Web Designing, App Development

Github Pages

Contact me

You can contact me through my Gmail, or follow me on Twitter or send me a friend request on Facebook.